Wednesday, 9 October 2013

China : RM52k Fake Lamborghini Aventador Busted !!!

Driving a Lamborghini Aventador is dream of young man. But in China, the dream is possible and affordable. Just pay RM 52k ( 98,000 Yuan) drive back a fake Lamborghini Aventador .

Customised from Hyundai Triburon Coupe the fake Lamborghini Aventador was parked at pedestrian street in Chongqing town China. An advertisment paste on windscreen asking selling price start from 98,000 Yuan (RM 52,000) has grabbed people attention.

Fast action by Chinese Authority has consificated the car with fined of 800 Yuan (RM 420). According to owner he only want to know how much it can be sold. The fined was for illegal modification and did not have license plate. The cost of modification estimate around 350 Yuan (RM 180.00)

While the dressed-up Hyundai vaguely resembles an Aventador from a distance, the custom job can be easily distinguished by its erroneous headlight shape and sunroof. 

As we know the China fake product can be almost same quality and design of original product which hard to differentiate but when come to usage it is a SHIT !!!!