Thursday, 12 September 2013

Restyle Honda Civic 2014:Further Move!!!

For Apple device, before the launch the public has view it good and more like than ever. But for case of all new Honda Civic 2013 Ninth Generation, most Asian people condemn it before the launching begins. The launch not draws much attraction due bad design flow at first look. Further, our American friends the first hand user flooded car blog website with bad critics and comment on this car which Asia people especially Malaysian somehow make on mind of it. Funny, Honda Civic 9th Gen is most selling car in America. How this can happen. First the person who critics is not buying the car but only judge by the look and write critics based on first test driver reviews. See how good their judgment is.
Honda is accepting these critics in open heart and fulfilled the market demand by restyled the design of 9th Gen Honda Civic 2014. The quick updates have some cosmetic changes to make them look more progressing and sporty. The steering and suspension has been recalibrated, crash structure improve and more safety kids offering. Finally the now it looks more matured. The new look has surprised some critics the way Honda has restyle it for better look and review. The remain character and fuel efficiency has been maintain and improved.
The exterior has been added with new leather touch and further enhancement in detail. Actually Honda is listening to the critics where all the common things has been improved. Now what is more this people want it. Buy one and use for years. Then comment. I am sure nobody will do that. Most of American or Malaysian owner are satisfy with the existing model. So when this will came to Malaysia. Based on Malaysian experience, the 8th Generation Honda Civic the redesign model came after 3 year in market and expect this new 9th Gen redesign will came here probably on 2016.See you then.