Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLX : Performance and Dynamic Ride

First time, my wife has asked her new ride...What came to my mine was Suzuki Swift ...The famous hatchback and very popular all time 3rd generation model...Each time i saw on the road, i will say I will buy and it come true in 2013 when i bought All new 2013 Suzuki Swift GLX 1.4 full specs....Wow i say...What a performance car....Excellent fuel consumption and brake system...My family had enjoyed the ride since then...My wife always be a proud owner of this new car....But she drives this car crazily fast even with P license ....

Space was plenty and kids easy to move around...Two adult at back will enjoy the ample space...but boot space was scary and small....however it's hatchback ma...what u can expected from hatchback cars

 The dashboard design similar to Suzuki Kizashi...Even lot of plastic design but it very nice to feel, clean and well placed...But the odometer orange color little bit dull
 The rear light big and nice designed...The big gap between body and boot ...maybe to flow the rain water..

 The suspension setting was bumpy but while cornering at 70km well balanced and good grip....Push button was wow and crispy start..

Smooth engine and performance once you push hard...Fuel consumption can reach 550km/ 42 liter tank was far excellent compare to other not match competitors ... K14B engine was excellent in push around at 1,500rpm  to top speed.... And with an OTR (with insurance) price tag of RM77,888.00

Check out the Suzuki Mega Road show.!!!!......