Wednesday, 11 September 2013

2014 Civic Tourer:Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda has debuted the newest Civic Tourer at the Frankfurt Motor Show as it's a European model that will go on sale there early next year. There's still no word of it coming to the Asia.

The Civic Tourer was designed by Honda's European studio, and its overall look comes across as more muscular, sporty and stylish than both the sedan and two-door coupe, with bulging fenders and revised windows.

The Honda also has the significant advantage of a completely flat and notably low load floor. That’s thanks to the Civic unusual floor plan design, which sites the fuel tank under the front seats, freeing up space beneath the rear seats. The extra room, combined with the compact torsion beam axle, makes the car’s rear floor plan much lower than in rival cars. 

The design of the Civic Tourer, particularly its proportions, somewhat manage to hide the amount of space available inside. To be able to do that, designers extended the glass of the rear quarter window in order to cover the body work of the D-pillar, while the rear door sash has been raised by 17mm (0.67in) compared to the Civic 5-door. The inside was full ample cargo space plus the rear seats up and folded down. The big Civic will be powered by either a 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with i-VTEC or a 1.6-liter Earth Dreams i-DTEC diesel engine. Manual and automatic transmissions will be offered at European model.