Friday, 13 September 2013

UV Film Window Tinted : Sun Enemy

During weekend near Hari Raya, I have chance to go through a Free Vehicles Inspection Program organized by Puspakom . The process taking me almost an hour’s and tiring moment as the result out show that all my window tinted was not pass the test.

In order to pass the first test the window tinted, the owner must ensure we follow the rule 5(1) and 5(2) Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Certain Types of Glass) Rules 1991, a motor vehicle shall have not less than 70% of light penetration for front windscreen, and 50% light penetration for the rear windscreen and side windows.

If you fail, sorry brother tears out the tint and go for test again. This happen for the case when you want to performs the change of ownership which required a must to pass this test.

In first place why we need to tinted our car windows. Most of new cars now has special window glass coated with UV protection layer for example in Honda Civic. But the weather change in recent year and the sun rays which more prominent than ever force people to consider for UV Film tint for their cars . Further most of cars now have more plastic material which when attacked by ultra-violet radiation and products made using these materials may crack and easily damage. The problem is known as UV degradation, and is a common problem in products exposed to sunlight.

How much it would cost? According to simple Malaysia market survey the average cost for UV Film tint & installation as below:

Normal Range
Middle Range
High End
Standard Sedan
RM    600  -RM 1,000
RM 1,100- RM 1,500
RM 1,500 –  RM 2,500
Luxury Sedan
RM    700  -RM 1,500
RM 1,600- RM 2,200
RM 2,300 –  RM 3,500
RM    800  -RM 1,800
RM 1,900- RM2,400
RM 2,500 –  RM 4,500
RM 1,000 -RM 2,000
RM 2,100- RM2,700
RM 2,800 –  RM 5,000
*Above pricing based on average market pricing depend on quality, brand and percentage the UV reduction achieved. The actual price might be varied to different shops and product offerings. Please take as guidelines only.

If you want to take risk by install the high-end and not approved by JPJ, please be prepare for summonses which would cost you more than the tinted cost. Please beware the percentage of UV reduction is more important not the thickness of UV films.

Most of us will be lure by given warranty for 5 or 6 years. Did you realize is this is applicable if the shop is close business or change owner or name. Further the warranty terms is usually given by the shop not by manufacturer. A good joke, they will say the UV Films is JPJ Approved…Hmmm …if we concern about this matter so don’t do it. After all this is marketing strategy for business to survive.

If you feel want to get a good and reliable UV Film, please choose the branded one and make sure surf in website for pricing, UV reduction capacity, comment and critics for actual user for this brands.

Good Luck !!!!

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