Monday, 16 September 2013

Saving Fuel ; Practice or Acting !!!

Recent spike of fuel has caused a big news and coffee shop talk everywhere parts in Malaysia. Some website and media has came out with ideas and technique to save fuel. Please pity on Government because have to pay part of our fuel price and now they cant take it due more money outflow from their pockets caused them in debt..We somehow have to learn to take out more money from our pocket to...

Can we really save fuel.. The answer is Yes!!! But how? Please check out some tips here

a. Do the regular maintenance on your vehicles especially according to manufacturer schedule. Check the engine oil regularly and use the good one with good engine care formulation.

b. Loose the unnecessary weight from your car that has no sense to bring over in your journey. Take away all extra fitting which contribute to extra weight.

c. Inflated your tire regular according your car tire standard pressure. The lower tire pressure will cause a drag as will consumes more fuel.

d. Turn-off the air-con in lower speed or when you feel it is the cabin was cool enough. At higher speed, use air-con at auto modes for better efficiency. While parking or stop a place in longer time stop the engine and air con.

e. Don’t fill extra fuel as it add extra load .New manufactured has came with new engine with fuel efficiency usage with extra fuel injection technology. Further new cars also have the indicator for mileage automatic calculation based on the fuel on your reservoir. Take as a guideline. You can set a safety re- fuel target for yourself maybe at least 50 miles left on your fuel tank.

f. Choice a car with good fuel saving records. Look for website review or magazine about the target car you want buy. Now all cars has came out with good fuel efficiency, better specification, safety rating and comfort. It is your budget view whatever you want for fuel economy car or super sport.

g. Driving your car at moderate speed or speed limit. The higher revering will force your engine to consumed fuel. Your average speed must be consistent around 60 to 90km and learn to maintain the speed especially on highways. If your car have cruise-control please use it frequently and its proven best tool to control fuel.

h. Starting up the car or leaving on idle on morning is not necessary. The myth on must starting a car before journey will cause waste of fuel and energy. The new car came with technology in engine which enables us to start the car immediately without damaging the engine. Please avoid acceleration before engine warm up sufficiently. Don’t leave your engine idle more than 50 seconds.

i. Plan the journey and anticipate the traffic ahead. You must plan the exact route and alternate route in case of traffic jams. Install the GPS tracker in your car and update the software frequently. Listen to radio channel or gone through you Face book or twitter for traffic update. Further you can visit website that have live reports on traffic or route planning tips. If possible delay is good if the traffic is so bad. Plan ahead before a day before the long journey.

j. Don’t put sudden brake or sudden acceleration. This will cause spike in fuel consumption. Slow and lower accelerate rate will promote the fuel efficiency usage even though your car fitted with latest saving technology. Your motivation and mental attitude is important to achieve this saving.

 For your information the average fuel consumption of a 1,600cc car should be between 10km/L to 13km/L. Anything more, your car will be classified as a idiot….Hehehe

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