Monday, 16 September 2013

Happy Birthday 50th Malaysia: A Economic & Social Struggle

Malaya (Malaysia) gain independence from British on 31st August 1957 and further on 16th September 1963, Malaya commemorate the establishment of Malaysian federation in joining of Sabah, Sarawak , Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore as one nation. But the Filipino and Indonesian brother has strictly objected this formation which cause a delay the celebration.Due to this objection, United Nation has conduct referendum in Sabah and Sarawak wherever this states wanna to join the federation and the result founding has contribute to this formation.

But due to ideological difference on economics, politics,financial and social policies  between leaders from State of Singapore and Federal Government of Malaysia has resulting major riots in 1964.In 1965, Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman ( Great Man)  decided upon the expulsion of Singapore from the Federation, leading to the Independence of Singapore on 9 August 1965.

Since 50th Malaysia has gain lot reformation thanks to great leaders and brain kids in our nation administration. Our country has achieved the stability and economics growth with strong fundamental value and harmony between races and religion.

Even though, this matter has became an challenge and debate but the nation continue to grow and we Malaysian will live forward to Wealth Nation soon.

Happy Malaysia Day !!!!