Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Putin's New Limo from Top 10 Russian Designs Online

As all know, Mr.Putin was respected President in Russia and a car design contest held online which offer 100 entries. According to authors Motor RU dozens of professional and amateur designer rushed to compete in the "Auto for the President contest.
The contest, organized by Russian web portal and sponsored by Marussia Motors, invited everyone aged 18 or more to try and devise a modern look for the presidential limousine and its cort├Ęge.A prize of 150,000 rubles (RM15,000) for the best project, as well as decent rewards for two other winners, attracted more than 40 skilled professionals and design students, as well as some 80 amateur designers from Russia and worldwide.

The challenge was set to combine such household retro brands as “ZiL” and “Chaika” with modern designs and features. However, the contestants were also allowed to think of their own “perspective design.”

The deadline was set for the end of February, and the jury will select the winners on May 1.
The best project is meant to provide the basis for a new series of presidential cars. Although it will be of Russian design, it’s still planned to be manufactured abroad.